Back Office Plug-in

Manage your back office efficiently and adjust your system effortlessly without any business impact.

HBX-Back Office Plug-in is a integrated configurable framework, which will give you a platform where you can build your own flawless environment to intake, validate and transform enrollment data into your format. And also generate outbound file specified by the partner.

Standard Documents –

  • Group Setup File (XML)
  • Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance(834)
  • Payment Order or Remittance Advice (820)
  • Payment Report (Carrier formatted)
  • Acknowledgments ( TA1 and 999)
  • Effectuation / Confirmation File (834)
  • Audit File (834)
  • Reconciliation File (CMS FFM formatted CSV)
  • Error Report (FFM or State Exchange formatted)

Integration Process-Services

  • Intake Exchange files on behalf of Carrier
  • Extract, Validate¬† and Acknowledge to Exchange on behalf of Carrier
  • Notify Carrier about the file and transaction state
  • Map, Translate, Transform and Generate Carrier’s formatted file and Send to Carrier
  • Intake Carrier’s files on behalf of Exchange (optional)
  • Intake Carrier’s Enrollment Confirmation and Coding Supplement File
  • Send Effectuation or Confirmation file to Exchange
  • Intake Exchange Audit and Reconciliation file
  • Process Audit and Reconciliation file and Send report to Exchange for Correction
  • Provide centralized process for validation
  • Provide unified dashboard and error report

Out of the box Services

  • Provide encryption and decryption process
  • Track all files and transactions regardless of data source
  • Fault tolerant end to end state report

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