Business-to-Business  Solution

Connect and Manage Your Trading Partners Collaboratively. EDI360 can help you to build an On-Demand-Custom-Solution, which would allow you to support your business demand to stay on schedule and organized with 360 view document-state report.

Health Insurance Exchange Solution

Integrate and Build smooth partnership with FFM, State and Third-Party Exchanges to meet the frequent regulatory changes. EDI360 can help you to build a TIBCO based back-end solution to process Enrollment, Payment, Acknowledgement, Reconciliation within expected time-frame (CMS or State Exchange SLA).

Custom Software Development

Software as a Service. From the inception of initial software requirement to the end of the product development cycle, we are committed to offer our client’s excellent customer service, employ skilled programmers, and meet deliverables milestones and the use of agile methodology with industry best practices.

Business Intelligence and Analytical Report

Present Data in Actionable Format. EDI360 experienced team will work with you as a team to encompass variety of tools, applications and methodologies that enable you to collect data from internal systems and external sources, prepare it for analysis, develop and run queries against the data, and create reports, dashboards and data visualizations to make the analytical results available to corporate decision makers as well as operational.

Smart App – Virtual Eye

Keep Up-to-date with key Information. This smart app will allow you to track delivery activity and will provide necessary data to operate your business smoothly.

On-Demand-Custom-Solution (ODCS)

Build bridge between your and partners’ existing system for any standard business documents including EDI, XML, CSV, delimited or positional Flat-File.

ODCS solution is Integrated-Cost-Effective solution, which will allow you comprehensively Intake Business Document, Map Data, Apply Business Rules, Generate Partner Specific Document, Transport Document, Acknowledgement, and Provide Dashboard as well as Error Report

Standard Documents –

  • Purchase Order (850)
  • Invoice (810)
  • Advance Shipping Notice (856)
  • Certificate of Analysis (861)
  • Acknowledgments / Notification / Confirmation (997, TA1 and 999)

Integration Process-Services

  • Data Staging
  • Translation
  • Map to Custom Form
  • Auditing Trail
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Support & Maintenance

Out of the box Services

  • Allow Migrations without interrupting your existing system
  • Offer Any Data format you need is Translated into
  • Integrate with your partner’s cutting edge or legacy system on demand
  • Make Available Normalize Database for Any EDI specific Format

Call Us we will be happy to discuss your EDI requirements and potential designs for a solution that fits your business




Our Team

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    About Team

    EDI360 is a B2B Information Technology company located in Dallas Texas. Our company employs a group of highly talented and accomplished software developers with subject matter expertise. They bring many years of experience in Integrating EDI, Health Information Exchange, Business Process Re-Engineering, Agile Software Development Expertise, Data Driven Decision Modeling and Mobile Software Development expertise. Our head quarter is located in the heart of Texas and an additional development center in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The continental landscape represents a significant savings in time and resource and a huge savings in investment dollars-today, tomorrow and into the future.

    Noteworthy we have thorough experience and success in marketing and understanding of the changing healthcare marketplace, specifically the transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-performance systems, and can be creative and adaptive in a start-up company environment.

Business-to-Business Solution 85%
Health Insurance Exchange Solution 90%
Custom Software Development 75%
Business Intelligence and Analytical Report 65%
Smart App - Virtual Eye 35%
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