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On-Demand-Custom-Solution (ODCS)

Build bridge between your and partners’ existing system for any standard business documents including EDI, XML, CSV, delimited or positional Flat-File.


ODCS solution is Integrated-Cost-Effective solution, which will allow you comprehensively Intake Business Document, Map Data, Apply Business Rules, Generate Partner Specific Document, Transport Document, Acknowledgement, and Provide Dashboard as well as Error Report


Standard Documents –

  • Purchase Order (850)
  • Invoice (810)
  • Advance Shipping Notice (856)
  • Certificate of Analysis (861)
  • Acknowledgments / Notification / Confirmation (997, TA1 and 999)


Integration Process-Services

  • Data Staging
  • Translation
  • Map to Custom Form
  • Auditing Trail
  • Monitoring Dashboard
  • Support & Maintenance


Out of the box Services

  • Allow Migrations without interrupting your existing system
  • Offer Any Data format you need is Translated into
  • Integrate with your partner’s cutting edge or legacy system on demand
  • Make Available Normalize Database for Any EDI specific Format
  • Provide Unique workflow Implementation for Each Trading Partner


Call Us, we will be happy to discuss your EDI requirements and potential designs for a solution that fits your business